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The price of translation depends on the type of translation and its complexity. For example a complex legal contract is charged at a higher rate than a standard business letter with non technical terms.  A translation is charged per standard page of translated text (1800 characters with spaces) and not as laid out in the source language. Source language refers to the document’s original language and the target language refers to the language into which the document is translated. If you send us your text, we will give you an estimated price of the translation, since the final number of standards pages can only be established after the translation is completed. The smallest unit is 1 standard page.


We invest maximum effort to translate a text as soon as possible, but the deadlines may also depend on our current workload. We can translate an average of 6 standard pages in one day, but if the translation is urgent and requires a larger number of pages per day, the price of the translation will rise by around 30%.

How to send texts to us

The best way to send us a text is by email, although other ways of submitting texts are also possible.  We will deliver the translation in its original formatting, unless the text is sent to us in read-only format. In this case, we will mirror the original formatting as far as possible.

Language revision and proofreading

The price of language revision is included in the price of translation. If you have done your own translation, or had it performed by another company, we can do language revision and proofreading. We will quote a price for this work if you send us your text (or a sample). Our price will depend on the nature of the work required and the deadline. Language revision and proofreading are related services but can be priced separately in specific cases. Revision and proofreading are conducted by an experienced language reviser who is a native speaker of the target language.


Simultaneous interpreting is charged for half a day (up to 3 hours) or a whole day (6 hours). For interpretation over 6 hours we charge overtime. Consecutive interpreting may also be charged by the hour, and the smallest unit is 2 hours.

For the cancellation of already booked interpretation within 2 weeks of the agreed date, a cancellation fee amounting to 50% of the agreed price will be charged.